NSBA’s Small Business Health Law Compliance Guide

The National Small Business Association has complied a comprehensive health care compliance guide, The Small Business Guide to Health Care Law, which is designed to provide practical information to small-business owners, managers and their advisors. Its primary focus is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) but it also addresses other health care and health insurance laws that small businesses should consider as they operate their business. It is designed to provide actual answers to difficult and often complex questions. It is more than just a summary or overview.

Health care laws have become extraordinarily complex. Large portions of the PPACA are additions to the Internal Revenue Code ensuring that tax law retains the ignominy of being the least comprehensible part of federal law.

Every effort has been made to accurately summarize the law in the clearest and most economical language possible. Given the underlying complexity of the law and its implementing regulations combined with the potentially large financial impact of the decisions that small firms will need to make, it seemed that accuracy and completeness of coverage were as important as brevity.

Throughout this guide, the aim has been to summarize the primary legal requirements in the main text. The guide, however, does provide more detailed information and citations in the endnotes. Links to the law and regulations can be found in both the endnotes and the “Statutes, Regulations and Court Decisions” section. This latter information is likely to be of more value to those advising small businesses or those who must manage actual compliance with the legal requirements imposed by the law.

A glossary, a decision tree, an implementation timeline and a key points section providing some thoughts about what to focus on have been added to try to help the reader better understand the law and its requirements.

Reading this guide will help a small business owner or manager understand the legal and issues raised by federal health care laws. Nevertheless, consulting with your attorney, insurance agent, benefits advisor and accountant is highly recommended.

The guide is free to NSBA members and just $29.95 for nonmembers. If you are a member of NSBA, you should have received an email with the passcode to download the guide which will be good through Feb. 28.

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