NSBA has been the leading small-business voice for broad health care reform that truly addresses costs. Working to represent the needs of all of America’s small businesses, NSBA has made addressing the unsustainable U.S. health care system a top priority since 1992. A stridently independent voice, NSBA has urged broad reform that will reduce health care costs while improving quality, bring about a fair sharing of health care costs, and focus on the empowerment and responsibility of individual health care consumers.

NSBA has advocated on behalf of America’s small-business owners since its inception in 1937. The organization, operating on a strictly nonpartisan basis, reaches more than 150,000 small-business owners and has a long tradition of expertise in health care policy. NSBA is a uniquely member-driven organization in which our small-business members craft policy through caucusing, voting and monthly issue-based conference calls.

NSBA members testify before Congress and meet with White House and congressional officials to ensure that the needs of the small-business community are front-and-center as the debate over health care continues. Small businesses are at a distinct and significant competitive disadvantage when it comes to being able to provide health care which has serious implications on their ability to recruit and retain the best employees.

Given the state of the U.S. economy, policymakers must do all they can to ensure that entrepreneurship remains a viable option. The cost of health care is a growing barrier to many considering opening their own business, and the overall U.S. economy will surely suffer if something isn’t done soon.

NSBA stands ready to work with lawmakers, small-business owners and all other stakeholders in ensuring that health care reform is affordable and sustainable in the long-term.

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