Charlotte Kaltenbaugh
Sabika Austrian Crystal Jewelry

When we went out on our own to buy health care, no one wanted to even talk to us, they said they couldn’t help an individual in business get health insurance despite never having had a life-threatening condition or chronic medical condition. Currently, our family health insurance, which does not include dental or vision, costs twice as much as our monthly mortgage. Our monthly premium keeps us from expanding our business due to limited capital available. We cannot attract any employees because we are a sole proprietorship and cannot afford to offer health insurance let alone cover part or all of the cost of a health benefits plan. My husband and I have had to take on second and third jobs over this past year to help cover the health insurance bill.

We want nothing we don’t deserve. We want nothing we haven’t worked for. We are being penalized by trying to be self-sufficient and self-reliant.

*Member of SMC Business Councils