Chuck Wozniak
Creekside Springs LLC

In July, 2004, I was notified of a rate increase of approximately 17 percent, and subsequently reduced some of the benefits we were able to offer employees, resulting in a five percent increase rather than the 17 percent initially quoted. The following year, we were notified of a 40 percent increase in our rate. At that point, we changed insurance companies and were able to provide the same level of benefits at a lower cost than the previous year. After the initial year, our rates increased five percent. The following two years, our insurance company notified us of a 19 and 39 percent increase, both years we negotiated and were able to keep the increases to under seven percent, but were forced to reduce benefits and institute a $1,000 deductible for employees.

Every year, I undergo the exhaustive process of working to keep health insurance affordable for my company and my employees. Both the cost to my company through premium increases and the administrative headache I am forced to deal with create a significant burden for my company.

*Member of SMC Business Councils